Second hand clothes Wholesaler of second hand clothing Hortex import export as an direct importer of second hand clothing from England and Ireland exists Since 1999 year. Through All those years we cooperated with many different companies throughout whole Europe and because of that we gathered good experience what finally resulted In choosing proper partners and always good quality of imported goods. We think that our unsorted goods and companies that we actually cooperate with are leaders on British market. Because of such solid, honest partners, we are able to give such stable and high quality of sorted and unsorted clothing to our clients.

Our cream and outlet sells well so we try to keep continuity of deliveries. As an wholesaler we are happy to cooperate with either small and big shops or wholesalers In our country and abroad. We guarantee free shipping to named address throughout Poland and paid whilst selling abroad. We guarantee genuine quality of our unsorted, sorted goods, cream and outlet, quick shipping to the client, starting from 25kg of goods.

Wholesaler- sorted clothes-cream Under the pressure of our clients, our company since 2012 decided to enrich our offer with sorted goods and outlets: English woman cream- sorted by seasons, English children cream- sorted by seasons, shoes and handbags sorted by seasons. Woman outlet clothing different leading manufacturers 100% labeled and sorted by seasons.

Our cream, outlets and unsorted clothing is always best achievable quality on the market and because of that we sell that throughout all cities of Poland and Europe. We have two warehouses located in Bydgoszcz and Włocławek. As an importer of second hand clothing we have own shipping fleet and thanks to that, we can guarantee continuity of deliveries from England and also free shipping at Bydgoszcz and Włocławek area.

Outlet clothes-wholesaler Actually for our clients we have also outlet clothing 100% labeled different, top English brands. Our outlets are always mixed, so our clients can experience variety of forms and seasons.

Dortex company constantly develops capabilities according to end of lines and don’t stop whilst searching, for new things in branded English outlet. Because of that we are going to extend our offer constantly according to end of lines and outlet clothing.

Wholesaler-outlet and cream We ensure continuity of deliveries of second hand clothing and fresh collections of clothing. Stabile level of quality which is constantly appreciated by our clients in our country and abroad. We give an opportunity to our clients, to check the quality of goods that they buy even during the loading. We encourage to contact with Dortex, we are direct importer of unsorted and sorted clothing, cream and outlet. We guarantee quick implementation of orders, connected with possibility of parcel tracking and professional partnership with our clients. We cooperate with the best courier companies such as DHL, UPS.


Basic aim of our company is building trust and satisfaction of our clients. We import only high quality second hand clothes, gathered only from pre-checked sources in England, Scotland and Wales. We work as an direct importer of second hand clothing for many years and we gathered experience that converts into our clients satisfaction.

We encourage you to see our offer and prices.