About Us

Wholesaler of second hand clothing Dortex Import-export was established in 1999. From the beginning our company was importing unsorted goods from different countries of western Europe such as: Germany Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, France, Ireland. Eventually goods from UK revealed safe and the most popular among our clients. Throughout all those years we cooperated with different companies in whole Europe and thanks to that we gathered necessary experience, what finally let us choose right partners in business and also always best quality of the goods that we sell.

Under the pressure of our clients our company since 2012 decided to extend our offer by fallowing unsorted goods and outlets:

  • England Adult Cream- sorted by season
  • England Children Cream- sorted by season
  • Shoes & handbags- sorted by season
  • Outlet different English top brands 100% labeled- sorted by season
  • Children Outlet different English top brands 100% labeled- sorted by season

At the moment in our offer we have English unsorted goods door to door (D2D) collections, Cream and Outlet 100% labeled different English brands.

Every month our company receives few deliveries of unsorted goods D2D, outlets and sorted goods only from United Kingdom.

We deal with foregoing goods emphasizing quality and service satisfaction of our clients. We pay attention to our clients, trying to build relationship based on mutual trust what is very important these times.

Used clothes in our company characterize high quality and thanks to that we distributes our products throughout many cities in Poland and other European countries.

You are more than welcome to start doing business with us – our branded products can increase profits in your company.