Every month, our company expects several deliveries from Great Britain, Italy, Germany, Spain and many other countries. OUTLET and CREAM deliveries are characterized by the fact that there are always original fresh collections, Outlet and Cream have all sizes and, most importantly, the clothing is not repeated many times.

D2D Home Assemblies are collected in England straight from the door of households and are collected using the Door to Door method. The collection includes branded clothing for women, children, teenagers, corporate underwear, and small household items such as toys, jewelry, perfumes, etc., all goods at a high level.

Our collections are always characterized by high quality of goods, thanks to which we distribute goods in many Polish cities. We constantly import the first-class outlets of various well-known global brands 100% with a tag, often still packed in foil and Sorted Cream clothing, which is sorted and sent to our company straight from England. Both Outlet and Cream always come from the latest collections, so there is no fear that the customer will buy outdated models from a given clothing brand.